Who is it for?

Universal Guardian Guide (the “Guide”) is a revolutionary, online guardian-reference system recommended for anyone caring for minor, dependent children and/or individual dependents w/disabilities - including SSI recipients - that are either permanent or which may eventually be outgrown.  A single purchase covers all the individuals in a household that may require guardian care, and includes a one-year 24/7 access portal to the system with no limit to the number of changes and updates that can be made.

The Guide is designed to work in conjunction with family estate plans, especially a living trust, and is a perfect utility for godparents or any guardian appointed to care for minor or dependent children in the absence of the parent(s).  It is automatically included with the purchase of a Universal Guardian Trust (UGT), which is an available Add-on Sub-trust on the service platform.

What does it provide?

The Guide provides a comprehensive road map for your family’s future guardian appointee if someone, hopefully someone of your choosing, is needed to take your place as a loving provider for your children.  The Guide covers express applications for allergies, food sensitivities, physical care, special education, family advisers, challenges, disabilities, special needs, comforting routines, preferences, instructions, customized messages, and other additional resources.

As mentioned, the Guide software includes a full year of unlimited updates and changes through your current Client Console membership, and can be renewed annually for low monthly costs.  You may update your Guide as often as changes might occur in your family situation including for things such as dietary issues, education, financial assistance or professional services that your dependent children should have.

How does it work?

The Guide helps you to capture and record vital information online, and may be accessed for updating and retrieval 24/7 through your Client Console, which is always available to you through a current membership, which can be renewed annually.  If your children must ever live without you, they should at least be comforted by all the special things that only you knew – like their favorite bedtime story, toy or song.

With unrestricted availability to the Guide, your children's future guardian(s), if applicable, will have convenient, 24/7 access to all such personal and family oriented information.  And that important information will be securely and permanently recorded, which eliminates the concern of it ever being misplaced, lost, or destroyed.

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