ITS Welcomes You!
Planners, Brokers, Agents, and Accountants...
Our unique Network Estate Planning system will equip you to assist your clients within a safe, efficient, and professional environment.  Why send them away?  YOU can (and always should) be the quarterback calling the signals for your clients' estate plan processing while maintaining your financial advisory role.

Serve Your Estate-Planning Clients
at the Speed of Business
Using 21st Century Technology

YOUR CLIENT COMES TO YOUR OFFICE and asks if you can assist him in establishing a Living Trust estate plan.  You are not prepared for anything like that, so you duly recommend a certain law firm across town.  Three months have elapsed, and nothing has happened.  Alas, your client is now questioning your judgment.  You wonder if there isn't a better way.

Multi-disciplinary Networking

Access the secure Trustee Login Page

The Trustee Login portal provides the successor trustee(s) with database access using client's personal ID Number to view and print certain electronic documentation in the Client Console.  All documentation and data transfer records relative to a client's Client Data Questionnaire (CDQ) and Living Trust Estate Planning Portfolio are permanently archived within retrievable file portals.  This online accessibility also provides a convenient and efficient method for successor trustees to perform certain reporting and accounting duties that may be required by state law or the trust itself.

Access the secure Physician Login Page

This Physician Login portal provides a client's attending physician with database access using the client's personal ID Number as shown in his wallet-sized Certificate of Health Care Documents.  The certification card provides for immediate online viewing of authenticated electronic copies of client's (Estate Planning Portfolio) health care documents.  The value of this service was endorsed by a noted health-care physician, and it could play a crucial role in the event of a client's unforeseen medical emergency.