Estate Planning — 21st Century Style

Your client comes to your office and asks you if you can assist him in setting up an estate plan.  You are not prepared for anything like that, so you duly recommend a law firm across town that is supposedly known to provide estate-planning services.  You and your client go see the attorney to discuss the issues.  The attorney says he can do the job.  You wait to hear back.

Your Well Meaning Effort Goes Bad

Three months have come and gone, still no word about the completion of the estate plan.  Finally, you were told that some kind of trust document was finally delivered; but your client doesn't know much about what he has purchased or what he is supposed to do with it.  And you have no idea what is going on either.  And, to your chagrin, you discover that the attorney made a recommendation to your client to meet with one his acquaintances about a “superior” investment opportunity.  Your client is now confused, disappointed, and quite frustrated.  He wanted you to help him… not run him around.  And you are left wondering what happened.

A Different Scenario with a Very Happy Ending

Your client comes in to your office to discuss estate-planning concerns that have been on his mind for some time and asks if you can assist him.  Why, yes, you sure can!  You and your client walk right down the hall to confer with a competent attorney - someone you know - whom you have worked with on several occasions.  You have complete confidence that everything will be done right in a cost-effective and timely manner, and be professionally transacted with no surprises.

The estate plan is completed within about two weeks.  The attorney sends the plan directly to you to deliver the package to your client so you can assist in the proper implementation and funding of the plan.  The job got done right and you were even compensated for your time!  And, most of all, you have maintained control of a happy client relationship.  All is well.  The trust was implemented and funded correctly - thanks to you.  Your client (with bolstered confidence in you) now wants to discuss a new financial or insurance product that you are offering.

But… It Never Seems to Work That Way

There is usually a big problem, however.  Most planners/agents do not have a congruous, turnkey type of relationship or arrangement as described (above) with any attorney, anywhere.  You can probably concur with that observation because of your own experiences.  Can anything be done differently?  Is there another way?  The answer is YES!

We Have the Solution - Ready for Your Use

EVERYTHING THAT IS NEEDED for you to be involved, and to obtain benefit, in the estate-planning arena is right here… on our Inter-Networking Platform Protocol.  It's easy to use, safe, and profitable for all parties.  It allows you, the financial advisor, to maintain complete CONTROL of the estate planning process with all your clients.

Using our system, you will incorporate the participation of legal counsel (for your clients), while utilizing professional-grade products and services backed by twenty (20) years of experience and thousands of real-life vindications.  This is a system that really works!  Contact our office and let's discuss how we can all work together - you, your client, the networking attorney, and our processing offices - to realize the results you have been seeking.