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      A.    Revocable Family Dynasty Trust (RFDT)

1.    Primary Features -
    i)grantors maintain total, unrestricted (lifetime) control
    ii)cascading income/principal generational allocations / home purchases
    iii)provides insulation from beneficiaries' potential claimants
    iv)fiduciary management of trust assets for three or more generations
    v)broad distribution discretion can be granted to (and exercised by) trustee

2.    Asset Transfers -
    i)can hold virtually every family asset except qualified plans
    ii)can be the beneficiary of IRAs to utilize the 'stretch rules'
    iii)can be the beneficiary of life insurance policies
    iv)can hold both separate and joint-spousal property
    v)exiting transfers back to grantor are allowed

3.    Taxable Events / Benefits -
    i)inbound grantor transfers during life are not taxable
    ii)outbound remainderman transfers at death are taxable
    iii)utilization of credit shelter trust for surviving spouse
    iv)utilization of QTIP (marital deduction) trust & reverse QTIP election
    v)utilization GST exemption for generation skipping transfers

4.    Management Structures -
    i)unrestricted management by grantor during lifetime as self-trustee
    ii)trustee-managed in event of incapacitation - w/o conservatorship
    iii)registered corporate trustee management is recommended (post-mortem)
    iv)trust should utilize an institutional trust-investment-advisor
    v)can elect trust protectors1 for personal management decisions in proxy

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